Mccoy Teas



Be Alive

A berry unique blend that starts off with a mild kick of ginger that is soon overshadowed by the boisterous character of mint. Its tart aftertaste gives you an enlivening finish to this cuppa.

 ** Best brewed at 80° for 2-3 minutes until light bronze.

Be Calm

Treat yourself to an exotic evening retreat as you feel the instant calming effects of Chamomile’s relaxing properties kick in.

A mild bodied liquor with undertones of tropical fruit that makes this unique blend feel like a warm hug in a cup!

 ** Best brewed at 80° for 2-3 minutes until gold.

De Stress

For those chaotic, stressful days- there is no better fix than a good old cup of tea. But, what’s even better is when McCoy’s team of experts come together to create a special blend, exclusively to help you recalibrate your inner peace and physical being in this demanding existence. Ingredients such as Gotukola- also titled as ‘Nature’s cure for stress,’ together with the relaxing characteristics of lavender and other herbs make this the perfect cuppa for an exhausting day!

The dominating note in the palate is the leafy and slightly bitter taste of Gotukola – universally known to relieve anxiety and depression. While the nutty and earthy flavours of cumin and fennel gently kick in towards the middle, offering a powerful source of iron and anti-oxidants to the body, thereby calming you almost instantly.


Stemming from age old ayurvedic practices, this grouping of ingredients has been effectively proven to help people achieve weight loss goals- the healthy way. When combined with a good diet and exercise routine, this tea will prove to be a powerful tool to expedite your weight loss process in order to achieve the body of your dreams.

Its liquor is light and fragrant. The vegetal characteristics of the cup are ironed out with the earthy taste of fennel giving out mildly sweet connotations.


The ultimate combination of immune boosting herbs and condiments designed to help you combat contagious diseases that infiltrate the air on a daily basis. In a time and age where an increased amount of negativity surrounds pharmaceutical drugs- this bag is the best step to prevention and cure. The garlicky aroma of the ‘king of condiments’ make a dominating presence in the senses, giving off a heated and spicy taste. The richness of its other condiments like chamomile, ginger & rosemary fight through giving off a variety of nutty and floral hints.

Vitamine C

An immunity boosting cup of goodness that the world needs right now! Our vitamin C blend is the first of its kind that comes packed with the natural benefits and antioxidants of vitamin C bridled with the goodness of Green tea, Lemon and ginger all in a single bag for you to dip and go!

** Best brewed at 80° for 2-3 minutes until avocado Green.



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