Mccoy Teas



English Breakfast Firth

Made from 100% Ceylon tea with a good balance of taste and aroma. Black tea, which has a fragrant, powerful and deep taste, has a rich taste when milk is brewed.

**Best to extract at 100 degrees for 3-4 minutes until light red.

**If you add milk, brew it thickly for a delicious taste.


Tropical fruits

A blend of Ceylon tea and tropical fruits. A blended tea with a luxurious combination of the natural sweetness and aroma of black tea and high-grade fruit chips. It is also recommended for iced tea!


** It is best to extract at 80 degrees for 2-3 minutes until dark amber.


Earl Grey

A typical flavored tea that adds the essence of bergamot to Ceylon tea. The mellow citrus scent using natural fragrances gives you a refreshing and elegant scent.


**It is best to brew at 80° for 2~3 minutes until dark amber.


Apple cinnamon

Ceylon tea blended with apple and cinnamon. A flavored tea with an exquisitely delicious sweet apple aroma and spicy cinnamon flavor.


**It is best to extract at 100°C for 2~3 minutes until golden bronze.



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